Cockroach Treatment

Cockroach Control In Delhi

The presence of cockroaches certainly causes distress to the occupants of a house. These insects are known to breed in dark, cozy places and can feed on almost anything. It poses numerous health risks one of them being allergic reactions to a certain protein found in their saliva and feces. In a country like India, where joint families still live together, it becomes a bigger hazard as the elderly and small children are most susceptible to get such allergies. It can also trigger an asthmatic attack. Apart from this, cockroaches have also been linked with the spread of bacteria, parasitic worms and other human pathogens.

Cockroaches can enter your dwelling through the drains, sewers or through plumbing pipes. Once they are inside, they contaminate food and kitchen products which can lead to diseases like food poisoning, typhoid and dysentery.

Therefore, it is paramount that immediate action is taken and it is left for the experts to take care of. We, at Delhi Pests Control, guarantee that your home will be roach-free without excessive use of chemicals to ensure that your surroundings only harbors happiness and no health problems.

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