Termite Control Treatment

Termite Control In Delhi

In early English, termites were called wood ants which aptly explains what the termites do. Termites usually feed on things that have cellulose in them like paper, wood, wood products, dried animal and plant products. By eating into them, they weaken their internal structure.

Houses primarily constructed out of wood are at high risk of infestation by termites. Even houses not made of wood are at risk since termites are capable of traveling through siding metal and plaster. Even though they are considered relatively harmless, they cause sick building syndrome. This is a medical condition where people in a building suffer from symptoms of illness or feel unwell for no obvious reason.

It becomes difficult to identify these white ants until significant damage is done, so it is advised that a specialist is called. Delhi Pest control specialists conduct an in-depth search to make an accurate assessment about the extent of damage and suitably suggest the possible approach of treatment.

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